4th of July Slime!

I am very amused by the slime craze- I think it is great- but amusing. Preschool teachers (and other teachers I am sure) have been making slime for decades upon decades and all of a sudden everyone else is all on board like it is this new concept. Case in point, one of the teachers at the preschool where I worked as been there for over 25 years and maybe discovered Pinterest a year ago and would never actively have found it on her own. She has had a slime recipe posted on the inside of her cupboard the entire 10 years I worked there- and not a pretty one printed from a website with the use of a fancy widget- a hand typed, stained, wrinkled recipe… the best kind. But anyways, it has evolved, one way being the use of clear glue which makes much brighter colors than old school white glue ever did- though the actual slime is the same.

4th of july patriotic slime 10

What is pictured is much more than this recipe makes. I multiplied the recipe times four for each color because this was for a a large group of kids- you can multiple as you see fit. Also, it does use Borax so you want to make sure you are doing it with kids who are not still putting things in their mouth. Perfect for all the older kids that are into it these days.

4th of july patriotic slime 6

Slime Recipe:

  • 1 Cup Glue (clear glue is my favorite)
  • 2 Cups Water (separated)
  • 1 teaspoon Borax
  • Add ins (food coloring, liquid watercolors, Make it: Fun Crafts Slime Ballz)

First, pour your glue into one bowl and add one cup of water to thin it a bit. Also add your food coloring or liquid watercolor and glitter if it is fine. For the red, white and blue slime, I used clear glue for the red and blue and white glue was perfect for the white slime- obviously.

4th of july patriotic slime 3

Warm up your other cup of water (in the microwave is fine) and dilute your Borax to make the slime solution.

4th of july patriotic slime 2

Slowly pour your glue mixture into the Borax solution and mix until it is not sticky.

4th of july patriotic slime 4

This is when you can add your glitter, sequins or in this case, the Make it: Fun Crafts Slime Ballz.

4th of july patriotic slime 7

Just mix them in and you are done! Wow your kids and secure your spot as the best mom ever.

4th of july patriotic slime 8


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