Electronics Checklist

It’s summer! I don’t know about you but for me that really is just a time to hustle to get as much planned and ready for the school year as possible. I think next year will be our busiest yet so I have some work to do! Avery is very much like me in that she always wants to be doing something and in hopes to ensure that something is not screen based all summer, I came up with a checklist for her to take care of- each day- before she can get screens and so far so good! I didn’t even get an argument from her so I kind of feel like I should pause writing this post to go buy a lottery ticket… but I will wait.

It was super easy to put together in Picmonkey, which, from what I hear, is not a free website anymore. However, I think I pay under $30 a year and it is totally worth it. I use if for photo editing, collage making, printable creation and then for a number of things including flyers for work so I find it money well spent. Here is what I came up with, if you like it, you can just right click and “save as”.

I printed it out to be an 8×10 and I just used printer paper because I want to put it in a frame. Yes lamination is dry erase friendly too, but the frame is easier and it also stands up on it’s own and I feel like she will be more excited about it if it is just a tad fancier. Whatever works, am I right?!

Even better is that the frame that I had on hand has a ledge that is perfect for the dry erase marker and hopefully that means everything will stay together. Hopefully.

The last thing on the list is a “chores post it” which is one of my new favorite things that we had actually started briefly before summer. I picked this up from watching the Instagram stories from @BrittsFavThings and it is super easy to just add a few chores and be able to easily change things out each day.

I also shared my summer bucket list over on my Insta Stories so if you would like for me to share it here- let me know in the comments below!



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