Girl Scout Patch Display Idea

We had our annual Girl Scout Cookie Award Ceremony this past weekend and part of this involves receiving some , er, a lot of patches. Now, the moms that sew them on by themselves by hand may be cursing me harshly that day, but I can’t help it! I love recognizing ALLLLLLL the accomplishments! This year, I am extra in love with the way I gave the girls the patches, such a cute and affordable idea- which are key words in Girl Scouting.

girl scout patches

Y’all, can you even? Adorable sun hats covered in Girl Scout patches?!?!?! This is an Instagram picture waiting to happen! The best part? These hats were found at the dollar store! That is music to my ears since we have a 17 girl troop.

girl scout patches 2

First things first, however, yank off that cheapo ribbon…carefully. Then add some 1.5 inch grosgrain ribbon. I found a big roll at Walmart for $4 and that would cover about a dozen hats if you needed it to and use your trusty hot glue gun to secure it all to the hat.

girl scout patches 3

As for flowers, I have three different levels of girls in my troop and luckily I had 3 different types of flowers. Daisies got white flowers, these purple ones shown were for my first year Brownies and then my second year Brownies got pink flowers. If you are trying to figure out the symbolism of these flowers, let me save you some time, they are the colors that I had enough of for each set of girls. Mystery solved. I used my wire cutters to trim down the stem as close to the flower as possible.

girl scout patches 4

Then, hot glue that flower right on and you are ready for patches! But first it’s obvious that I like big flowers and I can not lie…. #dadjoke.

girl scout patches 5

I spaced the patches out evenly and stapled them right on, you could use glue dots but the staples will come out easy enough and the patches are pretty sturdy.

girl scout patches 6

There you go, an extra cute way to display your patches!

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