Faux Succulent Teacup Planter

I love a good craft, but I will be honest, sometimes I get wrapped up in the purpose of a craft and really, that just isn’t always the point! Sometimes, it is just fun to make stuff because it is fun to be creative. This little teacup isn’t going to solve you organizational problems or create more usable space in your living room or solve your budgeting problems. But, it will be a cute addition to a shelf, craft table or desk, which might be just enough of a purpose.

faux succulent teacup planter

The teacup I cut on my Cricut Maker, the file came from one of my favorite places- SVGCuts.com and basically I have drank their kool-aid. I love that site and have had success with all their cuts. They also have YouTube videos for how to put everything together which is glorious and helpful.

faux succulent teacup planter 2

Once it was all assembled, I cut some MakeItFun: Crafts foam to fit right inside and then I was able to start adding succulents also from MakeItFun: Crafts. They are so cute!

faux succulent teacup planter 4

There was not a method to this madness, I just stuck them in and moved them around until they looked right, no right or wrong here.

Once everything was placed, in comes the moss! Love this stuff and you can grab it anywhere almost and it is great at filling in the spaces for cheap!

faux succulent teacup planter 7

There you go!

faux succulent teacup planter 8

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