Easiest DIY Shadow Box Bank

I would love to be one of those people who is amazing at budgeting, saving and being frugal. I am pretty good at the last one, but the first two, oy, those have always been a struggle. I always start off with the greatest intentions, however I am easily distracted by shiny objects. This year I have had a lot of success with opening a few additional savings accounts because while I still have access to the money, it is pulled out of the main account which makes it much easier to avoid. Another tactic that has worked well for us in the past? Jars. It really is simple, a jar labeled “Disney Fund” works well for loose change and what not. This post is really just a cuter upgrade of that same idea, a simple piggie bank for something that is not a “need” and most certainly a “want”.

easy shadow box bank 2

I have DIYed these a few times out of actual shadow boxes and those only need a drill bit about half the size of the frame. It isn’t much work, but when I saw these at the Target dollar spot, it made the whole project a thousand times easier. They were designed to be guest book frames but I immediately knew I would turn them into a shadow box bank.

easy shadow box bank 3

Here is the thing, I thought it would have a removable back- how else are you supposed to get the hearts that were inside, out for your guests to sign? Well, I guess budget items are not always logical because I just had to shake them out as the back does not come off. That is something to remember, if you are the kind of OCD that needs to know, to the penny, how much is in here, you will have to keep track on the back with a Sharpie. I am not that type, surprises can be fun…sometimes. It is nice, however, that there is already a hole on the top, one less step.

easy shadow box bank 4

I knew I wanted one for a Disney trip and one for a new camera so I went to my favorite Cricut Design Space Software and designed both and then cut them out of some cute adhesive vinyl from Expressions Vinyl.

easy shadow box frame 3

Each one was added to the frame with some transfer tape and they were done, it really is that easy!

easy shadow box frame

What would you save for?

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